For the betterment of the breed.

The club arranges a number of events during the year to cater for members and people generally interested in the Samoyed. The events are advertised directly through email to members and more widely through the Facebook page and web page.

Kimba and Halle. April 2019. Kelljass Willow's Warrior At Sheidinice (Kimba). Samhain Echo'n Flirtations (Halle).


Samoyed Calendar 2022
Close of Photo Entry: Friday 22 October 2021
Close of Orders with Payment: Friday 12 November 2021
Price: Addition of Kennel Name $10, Calendar $25, Postage (NZ) $7

 Samoyed Walk. Sunday, 5 December 2021 10:30 am. Queen Elizabeth Park. MacKays Crossing. State Highway 1. End of tram line. Flyer