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The Samoyed is an ancient breed originating from Russia and much admired for its beautiful white coat, smiling face, happy disposition and general good health.

Lamby and Paddy. Mt Kaukau. April 2020.


Samoyeds compete successfully in obedience and over the years have achieved great success. All Samoyeds benefit from domestic dog behaviour training. Find a local club and join for support and fun.

A Real Dinkum Champion  

“The Obedient Samoyed”, by Betty Gilbert, The New Zealand Samoyed Supplement, NZ Kennel Gazette – June 1993“

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Taiza 1st Special beginners 25 July 2004

A Real Dinkum Champion

New Zealand's Sole Obedience Champion Samoyed Ob Ch Wintersweet Fair Dinkum CDX

My mother bred Samoyeds in England and bred only two litters in New Zealand. Dinkum was from the second litter.

I was already working two other dogs, a Spaniel cross and a German Shepherd (incidentally they also gained their titles). But, who could resist the offer of a Samoyed. Not me!

Dinkum loved working, although his love for work wasn't always to his or my advantage. He usually shot out so fast on his send-a­ways that by the time he got to the right spot and I told him "down", he was going too fast to just drop. So by the time he skidded to a halt, he'd gone past the spot.

It took me quite a while to teach him not to jump up and give me a kiss in the middle of the fast pace. So we came to a happy compromise, we'd kiss and cuddle out of the ring!

NZKC Supplement May 2006 page 5

Test C scent was our biggest problem and we missed out on many a challenge due to him bringing back the wrong cloth.

He was an absolute pleasure to work and own!!!

Dinkum obtained his CDX on October 25 1981 and his obedience championship on April 11 1982. I have a beautiful Obedience Championship Certificate on the wall. In all he won six obedience challenges: March 27 1982 with 296.5 points; April 3 1982, 291 points; April 11 1982, 296.5 points; September 11 1982, 295 points; October 2 1982, 292 points and October 3 1982 with 292 points.

I enjoyed further success with Ninyan of Nenetsky, who sired by NZ Ch Kimchatka Sun Heritage out of Pasha of Nenetsky. Ninja was whelped on September 27 1982 and bred by Mike Thatcher. Ninja got his three bedience challenges on November 8 1986 with 290 points; March 1 1987,296 points and May 10 1987 with 296 points.

But as two of these challenges, were under the same judge, he did not qualify for his title. Ninja was another one who had trouble with Test C scent (I must have been doing something wrong!) and missed out on his title because of this. He died of bowel cancer at a very young age.

But he flew through the classes very quickly and like Dinkum, people used to
enjoy watching him work. One day I will get another Sam because I love them, but my health will have to improve first. I have made German Shepherd up since Dinkum and now have a baby cross that is coming on beautifully.

NZKC Supplement May 2006 page 6

Dinkum was sired by Aust & NZ Ch Kalina Imperial Ureka (Imp Aust) out of
Krasata of Nenetsky CD, whelped on May 14 1977 and bred by Mrs Alexander.

Lauren James, who co-ordinated the 1993 Samoyed supplement says: Thank
you Nancy Williams for writing about your obedience challenge certificates with Dinkum and Ninja and congratulations on achieving such great results.

When Sandra Stewart and I co-ordinated the 1993 NZKC Samoyed supplement we were unaware that the breed had already recorded its first obedience champion.

While researching pedigrees of champions recorded since the famed V E P Auckram & PM Wilson "The Samoyed (New Zealand)" 1965, Sandra had not come across Dinkum's title, nor had I. During the many years when hard copy registration cards were maintained for all dogs, it was standard
practice for NZKC to record titles on them. Up to the early 1960s even CCs were often recorded on the back of them. For some reason Dinkum's obedience title was not recorded on his card, though the CDX was. Fortunately Nancy Williams wrote to me after the 1993 supplement informing me of Dinkum's achievements.

Interestingly the dams of Dinkum and Ninja are both daughters of Ch Fairvilla Elvrina (Imp UK) but by different sires - perhaps there is some genetic component to their obedience successes.

By Nancy Williams - Mad Dog Owner

New Zealand Kennel Club Supplement May 2006