For the betterment of the breed.

There is a wealth of knowledge within the club and sharing this knowledge is an important aspect of promoting and protecting the Samoyed. Assisting with lost Samoyeds and finding those in need a new home is also an important activity of the club.

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1. SamCare assists with the: 

  • rehoming of Samoyeds in need,
  • owners needing assistance to look after their Samoyed, and
  • general advice on the care of Samoyeds.

2. SamCare may assist with the cost of transport, grooming and veterinary care for rescued Samoyeds and where possible recoup these costs from the new owner.

3. SamCare will liaise with other organisations such as the S.P.C.A and HUHA and local councils to assist with the rehoming or advice on the care of Samoyeds.

4. SamCare will also liaise with other Samoyed and dog clubs, in particular ones that may be local to where the Samoyed is currently located or to be rehomed.

5. SamCare advises prospective owners to purchase their Samoyed from a reputable Dogs New Zealand (NZKC) registered breeder who has done the appropriate health checks. Recommended health tests and breeders registered with the Club are listed on The Samoyed Club webpage.

6. SamCare encourages owners in the first instance to contact the breeder of their Samoyed for help with problems or if they are no longer able to care for their Samoyed.

7. If the owner is not able to get help from the breeder of their Samoyed or does not want to contact the breeder of their Samoyed then SamCare will provide information and assist owners with problems. This may include grooming, diet, desexing, training, general health and possible rehoming.

8. SamCare may host training and grooming sessions to assist owners with learning how to look after their Samoyed.

9. SamCare may attend the Pet Expo to introduce Samoyeds to the public, advise prospective owners and current owners about the responsibilities that come with owning a Samoyed and assist with any problems.

10. SamCare will contact the owners of Samoyeds advertised for sale to assist them find a suitable home and encourage desexing before sale. SamCare does not get involved in the actual sale or purchase and does not buy Samoyeds.

11. SamCare keeps a register of people looking for a Samoyed needing a new home.

12. Donations to SamCare are held in a separate account and only spent on SamCare activities such as Samoyed education, rescue, owner assistance and breed promotion.


Marie Trewoon - 04 905 3956
Anita Shugg - 06 364 5785

The Samoyed Club Inc SamCare policy