For the betterment of the breed.

There is a wealth of knowledge within the club and sharing this knowledge is an important aspect of promoting and protecting the Samoyed. Assisting with lost Samoyeds and finding those in need a new home is also an important activity of the club.

Thor at the beach. 2018.


If you know of a Samoyed needing rescue or an owner needing advice with their Samoyed please contact the Samcare Co-ordinator so they can help.

Often people get a Samoyed puppy and then their circumstances change and they can no longer keep the Samoyed. The club recommends in all cases the owner of the Samoyed should go back to the breeder of the Samoyed and ask if the breeder wants the Samoyed back. Many breeders have waiting lists of people who would prefer to get an older puppy or an adult.

The club also maintains a list of people looking for Samoyeds that need a new home and can help with rehoming. If you are interested in being added to the club list of people wanting a rehome or rescue please fill in the rehome form and send to the Samcare Co-ordinator.

Rehome Form

Every now and then a Samoyed becomes lost or a Samoyed is found roaming. There is a network of people within New Zealand that work together to help reunite Samoyeds with their owners. In addition, the club is registered with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register and can access the database to check microchips.

The Facebook page can also be helpful in reuniting Samoyeds with their owners.

The Samoyed Club Inc SamCare policy