For the betterment of the breed.

The Samoyed is an ancient breed originating from Russia and much admired for its beautiful white coat, smiling face, happy disposition and general good health.

Lamby and Paddy. Mt Kaukau. April 2020.


There are several sledding clubs within New Zealand that would welcome Samoyeds as sled dogs and specialist suppliers of the equipment required. A good starting club for advice is the NZ Distance Sled Dog Club that is based in Palmerston North.

(“There’s no feeling like it in the world…” by John Moody, The New Zealand Samoyed Supplement, NZ Kennel Gazette – June 1993)

(Ask Krissy Townsend or David or Andy for article on sledding.)

Meiska and Zac Wanaka Sled Race 2003
Luke Taiza Kinda Snow Farm Pisa Range August 2001
Andy. Snow Farm. Pisa Range.
Andy Daisy Tyson
Keva. Levin forest. 15 July 2017
Henry Skijorring
Snow Farm. Pisa Range. 26 November 2011