For the betterment of the breed.

The Samoyed Club is a small specialist dog breed club associated with the New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC) now branded as Dogs New Zealand (Dogs NZ). The main focus of the club is the promotion and protection of the Samoyed.

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The Samoyed Club was established in 1949 (originally called The Auckland Samoyed Club) and incorporated on 20 September 1956. Initially located in Auckland it moved its location to Ngaruawahia in the 1960’s and then in the 1970’s to Wellington where it is still located with a zone of influence over the lower North Island. It is one of three Samoyed Specialist Clubs in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Breed Clubs  

History of the Dominion Samoyed Club  

New Zealand's Breed Clubs

The Southern Cross Samoyed Club, formed in Wellington in the 1930's was New Zealand's first Samoyed breed club.

Sadly this club faded away during the early years of World War 2.

However the ice was broken - excuse the pun - for a breed particularly well served in this country by a network of specialist clubs.

The Auckland Samoyed Club was formed in 1949 as the breed grew in popularity among fanciers, followed in 1957 by the Dominion Samoyed Club, which held its inaugural meeting in a boatshed in Heretaunga.

The aim of the DSC, like the breed clubs which followed, was to promote the Samoyed and advise and help owners and those interested in the welfare of the breed. It remains the driving force behind the three breed clubs today, all running rescue and new home placement services for needy Sams.

Two of the DSC's early members, Mrs Val Auckram and Mrs Pearl Wilson, took the task of promoting the breed very much to heart and between them wrote the "The Samoyed (New Zealand) ", which while now long out of print, still remains the "breed bible" in this country. The book is available for inspection at both the New Zealand Kennel Club library and the Wellington General Assembly Library.

It remains one of the most prized possessions in the reference library of those New Zealand Samoyed breeders lucky enough to have secured a copy.

The book's two published editions, the first in 1961, the second in 1966, gave advice on rearing, care and breeding — helpful to the new owner and experienced breeder alike. Its pedigree section traces the breed to the first
Samoyeds to arrive in New Zealand. Appropriately Mrs Auckram, who retains an active interest in the breed, is a Life Member of both the Dominion Samoyed Club and the Auckland Provincial Samoyed Association.

The Dominion Samoyed Club had its home in Wellington for only five years and in 1963 shifted base to Christchurch where it has thrived for the past 30 years. Membership peaked in the late 1980s with about 150 members and is now steady about the 120 mark.

The DSC's first function, a Ribbon Parade, was held in Wellington on December 1 1962 and six years later the club held its first Championship Show drawing 53 entries.

This year, the DSC holds its 25th Championship Show, celebrating the anniversary with its fourth English specialist judge, Mrs Betty Moody.

All the country's Samoyed clubs have been commendably active in securing specialist judges from overseas and within New Zealand for both Open and Championship Shows, often working with each other and Australian clubs.

Originally a "dominion-wide" Club, hence its name, the DSC's zone of influence is the South Island. Life Members are Mrs Auckram, Mrs Neilmar Fraser, Mrs Elma Todd, Messers Ross Rusbridge and Des Renner.

The Auckland Provincial Samoyed Assoication was incorporated in 1966, and affiliated to the New Zealand Kennel Club in 1969, about the time the Auckland Samoyed Club, changed its name to The Samoyed Club Incorporated and shifted its base to Ngaruawahia. Its zone of influence is north of Mercer.

From 1969 to 1987 the APSA went from strength to strength, its annual membership topping the 200 mark three times between 1980 and 1984.

From its first Christmas party held in 1966 in a Patiki Road, Avondale, Factory, the APSA grew to be the biggest Samoyed Club in New Zealand, holding two Open Shows annually and twice during 1980's two Championship Shows a year. Its first Championship show in 1972 drew 56 entries.

In 1978 at its seventh Championship Show, Judge Dr Van Ommen Kloek drew a New Zealand record entry of 109 Samoyeds.

In 1987 crisis overtook the APSA in a wrangle over the Samoyed Standard, and it lost its Championship show status. The NZKC moved to oversee APSA administration for a period. In 1989 the APSA held an Open Show and in 1990 regained its Championship Show status. In 1991 the APSA celebrated its 25th year and last year held its 21st Championship Show. This year the APSA also welcomes English specialist Mrs Betty Moody to judge its Championship Show.

A series of enthusiastic APSA committees have done much to publicise the Samoyed and foster the motto "For the Betterment of the Breed." Life Members are Mrs Auckram, Mrs Margaret Renneberg, Mrs Judi McCormick, Mrs Eleanor Maitland and Mr George Wilkinson.

The Samoyed Club Incorporated was based in Ngaruawahia under the presidency of one of the breed doyennes in New Zealand, the late Kay O'Connor of Rydal Mount kennels.

The SCI has the honour of holding the first specialist Samoyed championship show in New Zealand. In 1966 an entry of 28 Samoyeds was judged in Auckland — by whom eludes our research so far. However Best In Show
was Major of Rydal Mount, bred by Mrs O'Connor and owned by V.M. Williams. Pup In Show was Beau of Rydal Mount, owned and bred by Mrs O'Connor. Both dogs were sired by Mrs O'Connor's record making Ch Tarna
of Rydal Mount, the first Samoyed to notch up a century of challenge certificates.

In 1976, in another wrangle with members, the base of the SCI moved to Wellington, home to the club for the past 17 years. The Club's zone of influence stretches from Wellington to Mercer.

Membership is steady at about 100 members. The sole Life Member of the Samoyed Club Incorporated is Mrs Una Gibson.

The Waikato and Districts Samoyed Club enjoyed the briefest of breed club lives, born from a band of enthusiastic Samoyed exhibitors in 1980 and shutting up shop in 1986.Erning just Open Show status. Waikato and Districts however held some of the most well patronised Open Shows in breed history and toted up a sizeable list of members.

All three clubs produce magazines for their members, typically featuring articles of interest to Samoyed owners, breeders and show exhibitors. In 1988 the Dominion Samoyed Club scored a unique double winning the Rover Supreme Contest for New Zealand's Best Dog Magazine and Best Dog Show Catalogue, both edited by yours truly.

The DSC had earlier that year won Best Dog Club Stall both days at the Southern Classic Show.


President Mary Wells
Secretary Barbara Badcock
PO Box 90
PH: 03 328 8068

President Karen Bell
Secretary Colleen Ryan
7/42 Wintere Road
PH: 09 278 7107

President Gary Carleton
Secretary Anita Shugg
23 Sunshine Ave
PH: 04 297 0766

by Sandra Stewart

New Zealand Kennel Gazette, June 1993, Samoyed Supplement

History of the Dominion Samoyed Club

The Dominion Samoyed Club Inc. celebrates it's 25 Anniversary this year since it was founded in 1957 by two of the most stalwart Samoyed owners of that day. The Dominion Samoyed Club Inc. is the oldest Samoyed Club in New Zealand since February 12, 1957, when a meeting of dedicated breeders met in the Heretaunga Boating Club's building on the Petone foreshore.

It was here that the two founding members, Mrs Pearl Wilson and Mrs Val Auckram, saw the fruits of their labours realised. The Club was on it's way with Mr and Mrs L A Auckram, Mr and Mrs N Draper, Mrs D Homan, Miss G Howes, Mr and Mrs R Morris, Mr J Penney and Mr and Mrs D Renner being the foundation members.

By May 1957, the Club had received recognition from the N Z K C as well as receiving incorporation from the Incorporated Societies Office.

The aim of the Club is still the same today - to promote the breed and advise and help owners and those interested, in the welfare and betterment of the breed.

It was also in May that an Obedience Section functioned under the gentle guidance of the late Sgt. Frank Riley who came to New Zealand from England to set up the Police Dog Training School at Trentham. Frank Riley gave his Sunday mornings willingly for the D S C Obedience and many owners were grateful for his invaluable instruction for some of the more wayward members of the breed. It is interesting to note that last year was the Silver Jubilee of the Police Dog Training School.

Not content with their achievements, Mrs Pearl Wilson and Mrs Val Auckram decided to write a book about the Samoyed. This book "The Samoyed - New Zealand" is the bible of the Samoyed in New Zealand. It was first published in 1961 with a second printing in 1966 being an enlarged edition, and is believed to be the only book encompassing a Pedigree Section tracing the first dogs brought to New Zealand.

This book is widely respected overseas, and made a considerable impact with American owners and breeders.

In 1963 the Club moved to Christchurch where it continues to thrive. In 1968 the Dominion Samoyed Club gained its First Championship show, drawing 53 entries. Being the 25th Jubilee Year, the Club is holding a Smorgasbord Dinner planned for past and present members alike, on Saturday Evening, November 13th 1982.

New Zealand Kennel Gazette, November 1982, Samoyed Supplement