Points system for Breed Of Year Award

1. Points for the Breed of Year awards will only be awarded for All Breed Championship shows that:

2. Points will only be awarded to dogs / bitches that are owned by a financial member of The Samoyed Club Inc. The membership fee for the owner claiming the points on the show results must have been paid prior to breed judging.

3. Points are not cumulative and will be awarded for the highest placing / win achieved by the dog / bitch in each category of the Breed of Year awards as appropriate.

4. Each claimant for points is responsible for advising the Points Steward of the show results for which they are claiming points and must not rely on others. Show results displayed on ANZSAMS , the Samoyed Clubís FACEBOOK page or a marked show catalogue must be used for claiming points.

5. The Points Steward must receive the claim for points (electronically or by post) no later than one month after the show.

6. Show results must be complete, correct, and readable. To be complete the show results must include the:

7. The pointís year will run from 1st January to 31st December.

8. Breed of Year awards will be offered for best of breed classes for each sex (best baby puppy dog, best baby puppy bitch, best puppy dog, best puppy bitch, best junior dog, best junior bitch, best intermediate dog, best intermediate bitch, best NZ bred dog, best NZ bred bitch, best open dog and best open bitch), best dog, best bitch, best representative, best bitch representative and best baby puppy representative.

9. All cups and perpetual trophies are to be engraved professionally at the cost of the award winnerís owner and are not to be taken out of New Zealand.

Breed Classes (Baby Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Intermediate, NZ Bred, Open)

Points will be awarded to the breed class winner (bitch or dog) and first three placings for the class winners of each sex as follows:

Class of Breed    4 points
1st in Class 3 points
2nd in Class 2 points
3rd in Class 1 point

Best Dog / Best Bitch

Points will be awarded for Best Dog / Best Bitch to dogs / bitches as follows:

Best of Breed 4 points
Reserve of Breed 3 points
Best Dog/Bitch 2 points
Reserve Dog/Bitch    1 point


Points will be awarded for the highest In Show or Group award for dogs / bitches 6 months and over as follows:

Best in Show 24 points
Reserve Best in Show 23 points
Breed Class in Show 8 points
Best of Group 6 points
Reserve of Group 5 points
Breed Class of Group    2 points

Bitch Representative

As for representative but only for bitches.

Baby Puppy Representative

As for representative but only for baby puppies (4 months to under 6 months).